Frequently Asked Questions

* Opening an e-store in the Vintagebazar environment is FREE.

Any individual or company can open their own store on the platform.

You can add an unlimited number of ads to your store for FREE.

After registering, click “MY SHOP”> “Seller’s Page” and you will be on a page where you can see information about the store and configure settings. By clicking on the “Products” link, then “Add a new Product”
you can start entering products.

Make an ideal sale advertisement and see also How to sell online recommends.

In case of a customer order, you can find the order details on the “Seller’s page”> “Orders” page.

A parcel label of the shipment is also added to the order, with which the product can be delivered to the customer free of charge in the Omniva / SmartPost parcel machine. After posting the package, the order must be marked “Completed”.

After completing the order, the seller will have an account balance of 93% -40 cents of the amount of each sold product, to get the sum to your real bank account, enter the Seller’s page, click on the “Withdraw” link and make a Payout Request.

After submitting the application, we will transfer the desired amount to your bank account.

For example: if you sell Sweater at a price of € 50, € 46.1 of that amount will be credited to your account.


Add the desired products to the cart.

Make sure that the product sizes, etc., match your choice. You can change the quantities of the goods in the basket, as well as remove the goods if necessary (by clicking the “remove this product” button).

If you have made quantity changes in the shopping cart, click the “Update shopping cart” button. If you want to continue shopping in the store, press the “Continue shopping” button.

To place an order, click on the “Pay” link in the shopping cart.
On the order page, enter your contact information and select the appropriate location of the parcel machine and the method of payment for the goods.
Check your details and the content of the order and press the “Place order” button.
The “Submit order” button confirms the order details and takes you to the Internet bank page where you can pay for the order.

Once you have paid for the order, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with the contents of the order.

Make the perfect sale ad.

Want to get the most out of your Vintagebazar sale, the “perfect sale ad”
guide. What You Should Know To Increase Sales Opportunities And Find Out
satisfied customers. Vintagebazar platform vendor for which it is known that
clothes are sold which correspond exactly to the same size and description and which
goods are always expected. Are you ready to become one of these vendors?

* by brand / product name, products appear in both Vintagebazar and Google search results –
if the description is missing, the products cannot be found by the buyers. So if you sell a `yes, yes, then it is
It is important that the word “leather jacket” is included in the product description. In addition, you may be wondering if there are more
any keywords that are relevant to your product – for example, you can add to such an ad
#heat #tag, because then an ad will appear on those keywords as well

* product introduction if the goods you are selling have a defect or something else should be done about it
know (for example, there is an oversized cut; shoes do not match the size), then mark it immediately that not
to deal with the frustration of a subsequent buyer. In addition, we always recommend indicating the goods in the product presentation
a brand that helps evaluate the quality of the product, the size that suits it, and the product in search results
become discoverable because many people search for products by brand name.

* The category must always be chosen for your product. Vintagebazar allows you to choose from several categories
ensures that the things you sell are in the right category, always with other similar products
and the information is most likely to reach a potential buyer.

Adding products is free for everyone. Create an user account. After that it is possible to add products easily.


By logging in to your account and selecting Edit Item.

Products that violate the laws of the Republic of Estonia are prohibited. The person adding the product is responsible for the advertisement.